Such a great track:
Blackway & Black Caviar — What’s Up Danger

Once aspect I enjoy about today’s cycling culture in general and gravel cycling in particular, is the almost universal acceptance, nay, encouragement to wear ridiculously loud socks. These aren’t even the brightest ones I have. 😜🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️

I absolutely love the region I live in. These kinds of views never get old.

It’s hard to overstate how amazing bed linen made from Tencel/Lyocell is to sleep in, especially in the warmer months.

Amazon hat für die deutsche Synchronisation von „The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“ sehr gute Übersetzer/Schreiber gefunden. Hinter den allerwenigsten Konversationen und hinter fast keinem Witz höre ich eine amerikanische Herkunft. Sowas erlebe ich selten. Toll.

I can’t not think of the Quicksilver scene from X-Men anymore when listening to “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics. Such a great song, such a great scene.

Backing up a Mac with SuperDuper! to an external SSD is so satisfying. This little bugger is managing a consistent write speed of ~ 270 MB/s and just finished a 700+ GB backup in under 45 minutes.

Meine Lieblingswetterapp CARROT Weather kann seit Kurzem die Wetterdaten der Meteo Group nutzen. Das macht die Vorhersagen für Deutschland meiner Einschätzung nach endlich brauchbarer.

This email was in my inbox when I woke up today. Makes me happy.

Trocknerbälle sind schon eine tolle Erfindung. Damit werden meine Frotteetücher flauschiger als bei Nutzung von Weichspüler.

My iPhone 7 Plus has a new battery and I hope I’m going to continue to use it for a couple more years. That means I can buy more cases for it, right? Right?!?

Tehehehe, handed my iPhone 7 Plus to an Apple Genius and they essentially told me that the battery is so weak that it’s out of their area of measurement. Looking forward to how long it’ll last now.

I showed my partner the magic that is the GIPHY iMessage app earlier today and all I can think now is: “I’ve created a monster!”

I’ve been running the Shimano Ultegra R8000 group for well over a year and only now discovered that I hadn’t even touched the reach adjustment screw. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Apparently I’m still a road bike n00b.
A humbling experience, yes, but now I’ll feel much safer descending in the drops.

I found a couple of old pins while looking for something in the cellar yesterday and now I can’t decide which one of these to put on my Goruck backpack next to my 1Password pin.

Looking at reviews for small pumps with a pressure gauge, not one of the articles had good info on the accuracy of the manometer. So I ordered the Topeak Roadie DA_G at my local shop to give it a try myself.

Just saw the announcement for the KUVRD camera strap show up on mirrorless rumors and I can‘t help but be disappointed how very closely the design resembles the Peak Design Slide.

I love Bijou so much. She’s the most chill dog I’ve ever met. Today’s example:
We shortened her claws before the morning walkies and she didn’t bat an eyelash.

I’m very happy about the rain we had over the last two days and the fact that it cooled down to bearable temperatures. 6A3E07CE-E92D-4BDA-930E-A26024295E01.jpg

Muahahaha, I’m all caught up on Questionable Content. Didn’t have the time or inclination to read a lot of comics for a while and got to binge-read about 100 of them today. So good.

Wer mich am Freitagabend um 18:30 Uhr sucht, findet mich auf dem Viehmarktplatz in Trier. #CriticalMass

Habe mir gerade eine große Flasche Sencha Schlaflos-Eistee mit Orangensaft, gepresster Zitrone, und Honig gemacht. Es ist zwar heiß, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass ich nicht müde sein kann.

Powerful song, I enjoy it every time it comes up: Body Count — Black Hoodie

Nice! My second pair of @BedrockSandals Cairn just arrived. They’ll join my already well-worn orange ones and will help me solidify the tan lines on my feet.

We have a houseguest at the moment: my parents’ dog Lacey. Seen here wearing the new harness we bought her. I think it suits her very well. 5CE8ECB4-86ED-46BA-A607-7C905091962C.jpg